The Biblical Month of Tevet


The Month of Tevet is the Tenth Biblical month which started eight days ago on Sundown Wednesday, December 12.  It is a month to mature and grow on a path toward destiny and purpose.  Here is some of the highlights on this month.  We at Wellspring israel have learned to live our lives from month to month according to the focus of the Hebrew calendar.  It will help you on how to pray, intercede, and live out your days.  Each month corresponds with one of the tribe of Israel.

Alphabet:  AYIN- eye, spring– let your good eye see.  War with the evil eye and break the power of evil watchers

Tribe of Dan:


It is the month of the ending of Hanukkah:  in the midst of destruction, there is mercy.  Macabee’s overcoming all odds.   The fourth month of fasting.  On the tenth day of the tenth month.  The other fasting month is the Hebrew calendar are  months 4, 5, 7 and 10 =26.  The number 26 is a picture of God’s unfathomable Grace.

The month of holy anger or righteous indignation, be angry and sin not

This month is a time to pray for your Commander in Chief.

Review education for initiation into the next phase of life.

Constellation:  Capricorn (the goat)– beware of making wrong alignments.

Color:  Dark Blue and Turquoise/Sapphire

The tenth month.  In Hebrew, 10 means Godly authority.  Pray for leaders this month.  The enemy has great strategies to pull leaders away.  If you are not aware of this you won’t know how to pray.  Especially if you have a good leader.   The enemy will try to put a wedge between you and them.  Pray that the right leader you are aligned with is given Godly revelation to guide you in the path to move forward.  The enemy will try to get to you through your leaders.

Tevet is the number of Testimony.  The 10 commandments were the Ark of the Testimony.

The month of Tevet begins the winter season, who’s three months– Tevet, Shevat, and Adar, correspond to the three tribes of Dan, Asther, and Naphtali, who were situated on the North side of Moses Tabernacle.

Ayin-  is a picture of a spring or well.  The is the month for new life to flow.

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